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We are excited to meet your student at the YiM Conference. Hopefully, the info below will answer many of your questions. If not, please email us with any other questions you might have.


Q:  How does my student receive the registration scholarship?
A:  Please have your teen complete the application and reference packet on the YiM website. Once accepted to participate, you will receive a letter affirming the registration scholarship award. We encourage students to apply early. Registration Scholarship Funds may not be available by the deadline of June 25. Teens must be rising sophomores through graduating seniors to attend. The registration scholarship pays $250 of the $350 fee. The balance of $100 is due with the medical forms. Payment can be made by check made payable to “Milligan College” or online via credit card at

Q:  What time does the conference begin?
A:  Registration is on Sunday afternoon, between 3-5 pm. It is helpful to your teen if they arrive during this time so they can begin to meet their roommates and counselor. Dinner is at 6 pm with the conference in full swing at 7 pm.

Q:  What time does the conference end? 
A:  On Saturday morning, we host a brunch and we hope you will join us at 9 am in the McCormick Dining Center of Sutton Hall. We’ll have a short closing service at 10 am. The conference closes at 11 am.

Q:  What if my student needs to leave before the conference is complete?
A:  We really hope that your student can commit to the entire week. The end of the week is a critical time for conference activities and teen decisions or confirmations. Students who leave early always regret it.

Q:  Is airport transportation available?
A:  Yes, we are happy to pick up your student at the Tri-Cities, TN, (TRI) airport. Please make arrangements for them to arrive on Sunday, between 1-3 pm and depart on Saturday between 1-3 pm. If this flight schedule does not work for your teen, contact us BEFORE you book the flights. The YiM staff has limited availability before and after the conference.

Q:  Is there a dress policy?
A:  Your students are welcome to wear jeans, t-shirts, etc. Shorts are ok, too, as long as they are no shorter than 3 inches above the knee. One piece swimming suits are preferred for girls. The rooms may be cool with air-conditioning—sweaters or hoodies are a good idea. Shoes suitable for a hike are needed.

Q:  Tell me about supervision for my student.
A:  We have a one to four or five ratio of counselor to students.  Counselors are Milligan College students with strong reputations for a deep spiritual life and leadership abilities. Most often the counselors are Milligan juniors or seniors. The teens are separated by gender in the dorms and housed with their small group counselor.

Q: Are payments refundable if my student ends up not being able to attend the conference?
A: Payments are non-refundable after July 1, 2014.

Q:  May my student drive to Milligan on their own?
A:  Yes, but they are not permitted to drive at any time during the conference. Students who leave campus without the YiM Director or Conference Dean’s permission will be sent home immediately.

Q:  What’s the cell phone policy?
A:  Student may have their cell phones but are asked to turn them off during any conference activity.

Q:  May they bring computers or other electronic devices?
A:  We don’t recommend it. Dorms are not locked during the day and we are not responsible for lost or stolen items.

Q:  What should they pack?

A:  Students will need to bring their bed and bath linens (twin size sheets). They will also need toiletries, such as soap, shampoo, etc. We do encourage them to bring something warm to wear as well as shoes appropriate for a hike. Flip flops won’t protect their feet for an easy mountain climb during the week.

Q:  What housing options are available if I should choose to remain in the area during the conference?   

Q:  Could we arrange a tour of the Milligan campus?
A:  An Admission Counselor will provide a tour and answer your questions on Saturday when the conference closes at 11 am. If you need other arrangements, please let us know.

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